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Our Philosophy

While the demand for natural products and services in the dog grooming industry has grown over the last few years, and we honestly couldn't be happier, we have always taken the need for natural chemical free products for our pets seriously.  We scrutinize all of our product labels for undesirable ingredients and chemicals that can be harmful, and have a commitment to using the most natural products that are available to our clients. Products used in our salon will not contain alcohol, antibiotics, pesticides, sulfates, artificial ingredients, soaps or detergents, and are of the highest quality that we can find.


We believe in providing a natural and holistic approach to grooming your pet is vital to the health and well-being of your furry family member. Being natural does not end with the products and ingredients we use. We provide the most calm, tranquil and enjoyable experience for every pet possible that comes into our salon. Every pet that comes into our salon receives the proper one-on-one personalized attention they deserve. Because of this we will never over book our facility with more than we can handle at one time. This natural approach not only applies to our furry family members but also with our own personal philosophies and beliefs.

Here we remember your name, and we remember your dog!

Our Team
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