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Shaelynn Hilliard

Peeping Pug

We are very proud to welcome Shaelynn to our team here at Trans-Fur-mations!  Shaelynn has been working extensively with dogs for over 4 years and has been professionally grooming for 3!  She has a 4 legged fur child named Brody who is a beagle mix,  but dont tell him that, Secretly he thinks he's a cat!  He loves to spend his time napping and climbing to high areas around her home and the shop!  Shaelynn has a special affinity for beagles but she adores all breeds of dogs and cats.  In her free time Shaelynn sings in her churches choir and takes and active roll in her community.  She plans to continue to refine her grooming skills by attending conferences and clinics and has already learned a great deal of new skills from her peers at the shop!  

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