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What is Micro-bubble Skin Therapy?
a bath that deep cleans the hair and skin using ozone and micro-bubbles. Dirt and soap residue accumulated inside the pores is one of the major causes of bad odor and skin/coat problems. No soaps, shampoos or chemicals of any kind are used in this process. It’s completely hypo-allergenic. This special bath reduces odor, itching and skin irritation, and it improves results of other skin therapies your vet may recommend.

What are micro-bubbles?
Very, very tiny bubbles, in fact they must be less than 1000 micrometers in size to be considered a micro-bubble. The Micro-bubble system creates millions of these tiny bubbles that range from 3-20 micrometers. These bubbles penetrate hair follicles and skin pores and attract the positively charged dirt particles.

Why use micro-bubbles?
Micro-bubbles work on a molecular deeper level than any soap or shampoo can, and will not leave behind unwanted residues like soaps and shampoos. Micro-bubble therapy will help to enhance other skin treatments, whether administered in the form of a shampoo or orally, due to improved pore and hair follicle condition.

Will a Micro-bubble Bath make my pet uncomfortable?
No, Micro-bubbles are gentle on your pet and it’s quite an enjoyable experience for them! Like us, our pets have a lot of stress from living in a variety of environments. The Micro-bubble bath will ease this stress using negative ionized air within the micro-bubble. Microbubble baths are safe enough to be used daily if necessary.

Will my pet benefit from a Micro-bubble Bath?
Yes, all pets, dogs, cats, rabbits, even humans with severe skin issues will benefit from a micro-bubble bath. Pets who do not exhibit symptoms of skin issues will also reap the many benefits from a micro-bubble bath.  

What should I expect after treatment?  

Most pets are extremely relaxed and calm after their bath.  This feeling typically lasts 1-2 days after the first bath and even longer after each subsequent bath.  On occasion, with pets that have severe allergies or skin issues, you may not experience this in the beginning, and may even find that your pet’s skin is slightly more irritated due to getting into the pores and beginning the cleaning process.

How long will it take?  

While there may be some variations due to an individual’s pet’s needs, a general rule of thumb is a 20 minute bath plus some time for drying and primping. Expect to have your pet ready to go home in about an hour depending on if you have additional services.

How frequently will my pet need treatment?  

This will vary from pet to pet, depending on their particular condition and needs.  An average healthy pet without skin issues should still get a treatment once per quarter.  Pets with skin conditions may need them more frequently, even weekly.

Will my pet be groomed? 

Micro-bubble baths are not a grooming service, but a treatment service we offer. Your pet will however be brushed, and blow-dried before going home. After your pet has completed their first 3 Bath beginners package, you can choose this as an add-on service to their future grooming appointments.

How much will a Bubblebath cost? 

Prices vary based on your pet’s size.  We do offer discount pricing for multiple baths as well as for a grooming service add-on.

Why do I have to start with a 3-Bath package?  

This protocol is to ensure we are tackling the skin completely.  The first bath will remove much of the debris on the skin and start to pull the build up out of the pores. The second bath will continue this process, getting deeper and cleaner.  The third bath will solidify the work we’ve done in the first two baths.  This is when we’ll be able to determine how many more baths your pet will need or if they can go on a maintenance program.

My dog’s hair has some mats…is that a problem? 

Yes.  Severe mats can cause skin irritations and hide other conditions such as hot spots, dermatitis, seborrhea, cuts, scabs, sores and redness.  When these mats get wet, they will just tangle further.  You will need to have your pet properly groomed before a micro-bubble bath.

Can my cat get a Bubblebath?  

Absolutely,Cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, even hamsters!

Can I get a Bubblebath for myself?  

Unfortunately our baths are just for our furry clients, sorry.

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