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The Spaw

Spaw Bath & Brush

a therapeutic, massaging, oxygenated warm water bath, includes: Blueberry facial, brush out, fluff dry, ear cleaning, Tooth brushing, and nail trim.

Paw pads, feet, face and sanitary trim.

Deluxe Spaw Style

a full body haircut & style to suit your pets breed, personality and/or lifestyle, includes the spaw bath & brush

Call for prices!


specially formulated shampoo & conditioning system that reduces shedding; *shedding is greatly reduced, however does not stop the natural shedding process, follow-up treatments are necessary.


nails are trimmed and filed with a dremel to smooth rough edges.

Deluxe Spaw-dicure: includes paw soak for itchy dry feet and pad moisturizer.

We use only top quality, natural, safe for pet products for our shampoos and conditioners. Some shops might be cheaper, but they may be cutting corners with lower quality products. WE are proud to use only the best products.

We maintain our philosophy with our services and we base our prices on that philosophy. In order to provide our furry clients the tranquil and calm atmosphere they deserve please allow 2-4 hours for your pets appointment.  With this in mind we ask that you do not come to the salon to check on the progress of your pet.  Your pet can hear and smell you and they get excited, this can cause a disruption with the grooming appointment resulting in not being able to finish the groom. You may call to check on the status of your pet if you wish.

Ala Carte Services:

Deep Conditioning Oil Treatment $20


Spaw-dicure $7 (walk-ins available)


Deluxe Spaw-dicure $25 or $20 accompanying a spa bath

Spaw-lish $6


PlaqClnz Treatment $25 or $20 accompanying a spa bath 

(Dental Treatment)

Possible Additional Charges:

There are many variables in pet grooming, such as whether your pet has long or short hair and also if the hair is matted and tangled. Therefore, there may be an additional charge if your pet is heavily matted and requires more time to groom successfully. Prices for each pet are based on the time required to complete the chosen service.


Factors, which determine the price of a service, include:

  • Amount of scissor work

  • Brushing, 15 min is included in regular grooming and bathing

  • Degree of matting

  • Difficulty of the cut

  • Disposition of the animal

  • Drying time

  • Length of Hair

  • Size of the pet

  • Geriatric special care

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